React Virtual-DOM and JSX

React Virtual-DOM

How It Works


<Tag property=”attribute”>
Inside of tag
{property: ‘attribute’},
‘Inside of tag’


<Component {props} />
<Component stringLiterals = {‘props’} />
<Component defaultValue = {true} />
const props = {key1: ‘value1’, key2: ‘value2’};
<Component {…props} />

Children of JSX

<Component> String Literals </Component>

Production Build

$ npm run build
$ npm start
npm install — save-dev terser-brunch
yarn add — dev terser-brunch
$ brunch build -p

Long Lists Can Be Virtualized

Reconciliation can be avoided

Not Mutating The Data

functionName() {
this.setState(state => ({
words: […state.words,’newWord’],


  1. How Virtual-DOM and diffing works in React | by Gethyl George Kurian | Medium
  2. JSX In Depth — React (
  3. Optimizing Performance — React (




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