I am guessing that we all know less and more about JavaScript. Still, I am giving a little bit of an introduction of JS below. Then we will go through some detailed things about JS that you might or might not know.

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JavaScript (JS) is a programming language. In detail…

In today’s story, I will talk about the Virtual-DOM of React and JSX in short. Also, a bonus part is here at the end too.

React Virtual-DOM

React is a JavaScript library. DOM means Document Object Model. It is a representation of structured HTML elements which is present in the webpage. …

Today we are going to learn more about JavaScript (JS). I will cover the topic of data types, event loop, error handling, and some ES6. Also, there is a bonus section today at the end of the blog.

Data Types

There are different types of data in JS. …

JavaScript (js) is a dynamic client-side script language. It is also used on the server-side by Nodejs. Don’t get confused by thinking that Java and JavaScript are the same. Though they are from Oracle still they are different. There are many types in js. They are:

  • Number
  • String
  • Boolean
  • Symbol

Al-Junaed Islam

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